Pastor Louie Mogdis

In 2004, God called me into ministry, Starting a family focused church has been a dream of mine for a few years. I started in children's ministry in 2002, first as a director then as a Pastor.  In 2006 God started working me towards family ministry.  In 2007, I took the call from God and started gearing every thing I did for ministry around families.  On June 3rd 2008 I was called by God to leave my comfort zone, the church I've been with for 6 1/2 years, working with kids, and to turn the dream into reality, Seeds Family Church. Over the years I've learned that family is very important, & we only get one chance to raise our children up according to God's teachings. Studies have revealed to me that the limited time we have to influence our children is very short.  The average child is in church 40 hours a year, 5000 hours a year are spent on video games, school, friends, television, etc, 3000 hours are spent at home, at the dinner table, or in the care on the way to millions of different locations and activities.  Seeds Family Church is a place where kids and adults worship and grow together. SFC is not a traditional church. This church that is designed to be a place for families to spend precious time together. A church cannot & should not be a sole spiritual provider for children.  Working along side families we will equip parents and children to walk with God together as a family.
I invite you to come and check out what new ideas God has for Montcalm Country and to walk along side your children an they learn what God has planned for you and them as a family for  God.

This Month

Each month our pastor, Louie Mogdis focuses on a virtue or discipline, breaking it into parts that apply to life as we know, without taking away from the Biblical importance & meaning.

Family Fun Night

Fun for the whole family

Pot Lucks

A time to fellowship and break bread with Seeds Family